Three simple rules when buying a Forex Expert Advisor!

How to buy a profitable EA with safety.

Now there are many different paid offers of Forex expert advisors and Forex trading systems everywhere on the internet. I’ve prepared a number of recommendations that should be followed to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. This is especially true for beginners because they’re not versed in this topic. The rules listed below are always relevant!

Rule 1. Never buy a Forex robot if the developer does not make a refund for it! Any manufacturer of software (Forex EA’s) either ensures the quality of the product or guarantees a refund if you don’t like the purchase for one reason or another. This is a usual thing at present time! If the developer sells a Forex advisor and does not warrant a refund, it is very likely he’s a fraud.

Rule 2. Never buy a Forex robot if it has no monitoring on a REAL account! All qualitative forex robots are working on real accounts with real money (for instance, verified by MyFXBook). If the developer stands in awe of putting his own robot on real money, therefore this EA can not be trusted. So why, then, you should risk your money?!

Rule 3. Never put your money on free hacked forex robots! Or even you can be offered a cracked version that is much cheaper than the original! This absolutely does not make sense for you! Considering the first two rules, it is easier to buy a good advisor to trade safely and without undue risk. Hacked version of known profitable forex advisor doesn’t guarantee anything, moreover, some specially can be programmed to sink to ruin the reputation of the original version. Your goal in Forex – get profit! Buying Advisor from reliable developers, its purchase pays off in one month, then the advisor earns you a profit. Free hacked version – a false economy: you bet real money, waiting for the original operation, but the robot drains your money because there’s nothing common with the original. And how do you save? Why do you need an extra non-trading risk? – Absolutely nothing!

In addition, I want to mention that the project JustDoForex.com collaborates only with original manufacturers which guarantee all the items listed above: mandatory REFUND, verified LIVE REAL MONEY monitoring as a proof of product’s quality. All forex advisors recommended by us, exclude non-trading risks completely! We do not cooperate with scams and frauds!

Follow the recommendations and will get more profit!

Sincerely yours, Andy & JustDoForex.com!